After having enjoyed planetary success in our dimension with his reggae group, "Banja & the Mighty Toasters", Banja savours life on Itland. He is a real star of music and like all show-biz people, he has a tendency to be a little bit lazy and has a consequent ego. He likes to bask in the sun, take his time listening to music or pass it away in agreeable company…. Nonchalant and bon-vivant, Banja cultivates his style always hiding himself behind his dark glasses… but his years on the road have made of him a very open person!
Banja is among the last to come to Itland and he discovers the isle little by little. After having discovered the existence of the Fums Fums and other mysteries, he realises that this haven of peace is not really a tourist's cliché for an isle of paradise… He tries to have himself accepted by the Itlanders and takes part in the isle's life with a lot of good will. But his relaxation his main asset, often turns against him…It sometimes resembles a flighty and offhand attitude which in some circumstances is not appropriate.
Zelia is trendy, always good-humoured, she is the most beautiful girl on Itland and of course she is also Banja's girlfriend… She likes techno music, but with her friends, everything is fine for having a good time! And too bad if the isle's old people concerned for their quietness look at her in a suspicious way. Anyway, they have nothing to fear from her, she likes looking at the sea as they do, with Sydney's latest mix in her Walkman!
Generally gentle and comprehensible, Zelia nevertheless has a bit of a character and changing mood… she knows what she wants and does not like being annoyed… specially in the morning! If her liking for Banja makes her forgive everything, she cannot stand seeing other girls running around him, and who knows then what her reactions may be!

A close friend of Banja and Zelia, he is the resident DJ of Itland. Sydney lives for and by music. With his record collection he regularly unleashes the crowds in lively evening sessions under the moonlight on the isle's beach. Sydney is the prototype of a "cool guy" and unlike Banja he does not wish to stop music… ever… He continues to produce hot platters that he exchanges against pots of honey, his favourite food!

Lola the seer
She is part, like Banja, Zelia or Sydney, of the second generation of Itlanders. But she was already initiated in the isle's secrets even before coming. Her troubling charm and her superior spirit make her rather inaccessible for average Itlanders, who sometimes hardly dare entering in her seer's office. Yet, she is quite generous in her astrological advice and shows no restraint in sharing her spectacular visions. She nevertheless makes a prudent usage of her exceptional gift that allowed her to discover Itland's most ancient secrets, for this is precisely what she suffers of. She had knowledge of dramatic events of the past, cruel events that she hesitates to reveal… She prefers talking about the future, that seems radiant and full of innovations, until when?

Paper Boy
A bit stressed by the responsibilities bearing on his frail shoulders, he often claims that he is the only one to have a real job on the isle. For every day he must distribute the mail and the Itland newspaper, which he entirely edits alone in his tiny bungalow near the town hall.

Sam, the scientist
He lives hidden in the depth of the isle and rarely comes in contact with the Itlanders. He is a particularly secret being as well as a creative genius. Ever since Banja discovered him at the bottom of a volcano he supplies the inhabitants with inventions more delirious the ones than the others! Starting with the Sydney's discophibie, a hovercraft equipped with powerful speakers.

Barbosa Du Bocage, the pilot
He arrives on Itland by "accident", after a little "organic-mecanical" problem. His arrival is quite dramatic as he almost crashes on the poor Kap, totally petrified, looking up at this terrible flying object falling right down on him !
Brave and glamorous, Barbosa obtains very quickly the favours of the inhabitants...

Mecca, the mechanic
The only one capable of repairing all of the isle's vehicles. Being that spare parts are rare in Itland, he is an adept of resourcefulness, and he can ingeniously do any kind of repair… but he does not guarantee that it will hold a long time! Nice but absent minded.

He likes rock music and beer... the souvenirs of his past life of a Hell's Angel! Motorcycle rides, chatter at the counter on the sense of life, invitation on the beach with the guitar… Bud perfectly masters the ways of the chat-up type… and the Belles of Itland now tend to avoid him!









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