Minimum configuration on PC
On Mac or PC: Explorer 5
300 MHz processor / 64 Mb RAM
Flash 5 Plug-in

Loading times
- ADSL / Cable / T1 / T2 / T3: From 2 to 5 minutes
- Modems 28.8 to 56 Kb: From 5 to 20 minutes
- Note: When connecting for the first time, the loading times can vary from 2 to 20 minutes according to the types of connections! But the next time you will connect, all the files will already have been stored on your hard disk (in the navigator’s cache); you will enter in the game almost immediately!

Starting a game
- On the home page, click on the GO button.
- If you are not registered already, you should then register to be able to save your game.
- Enter your user name and email address and click on the OK button.
- Check your mailbox : you should have received a confirmation message with your password.
- Use these information to log-in.

The aim of the game
There is no conquering here, but the discovery of mysteries of an enchanting world. The unifying thread of Banja’s whole story is the harmonious life of the isle’s citizens that one must try to preserve in spite of the arrival of troublemaking elements…

An epic in 12 episodes
You will have to find help in the sympathy of your fellow citizens, whether they are characters in the game or other players… You undertake this great quest while discovering a new aim, new games, music and gifts in each episode:)

A persistent world
Itland is an isle that evolves in real time. The characters give you appointments and some events will take place on specific dates. Day after day you can see the growth of the vegetation, as well as the isle’s expansion…

Collective actions
In some cases, the players will all have to get together to unite their efforts to solve the problems. And then wait till a sufficient number of players have accomplished the action to advance in the game.

The YesPapa

The Yes Papa are knowledge points. The number of Yes PaPa determines your score and represents your knowledge of the isle and of its inhabitants. You obtain YesPapa by being curious, by accomplishing an action or a decisive advance in the game. There are at the most 50 Yes Papa per episode. If your Yes Papa score is sufficient, you will have access to some exclusive contents, such as additional costumes for your avatar in the chat, screen backgrounds or other goodies…

Pots of honey

The pots of honey are your exchange currency when swapping with the Itlandians. Your stock of honey is regularly renewed owing to the Eskimo bees that live in your fridge! For a pot of honey you will be able to obtain Paperboy’s gazette, or one of Sydney’s records… But you will also be able to go to the casino to obtain Patchollars!


Useful for paying the entrance fee in Patchouli establishments, like the casino and the cinema. The arrival of the Patchoulis and of their new money radically changed the honey swapping system in force in Itland; some shopkeepers now prefer being paid in Patchollars.

Banja Stars
At each episode a determining action is accomplished by a player. The player is then nominated Banja Star and receives the honours of Itland...

The mini-games
In the course of your strolls through Itland, you will discover a number of game modules, integrated in the scenery’s elements, or presented by a character. You can then access them directly from the console. Your mini-game results are displayed with those of other players in the high-scores of the console.

The community
Itland is also a community area. You thus have numerous idea exchange possibilities:

The chat rooms
Get into the Gulls Connection, to directly talk with other players. You can personalise your Gull (the more YesPapa you have, the more choices you will have for the headdresses!) and create a chat room. One can make a face and even make oneself transformed into funny animals! You will find a detailed help menu in the chat rooms interface.

BanjaMail, your instant message service
(Keyboard shortcut : M key). It allows creating a list of "Banjafriends" among the other players and to send small messages instantly. You can see who is connected, by a signal light in front of their pseudo (green: connected - red: offline). Sending a message: all you have to know is the recipient’s name ; enter his name in the message sending window and type your text. Adding a Banjafriend to your list: When you receive a message you can add the sender to your list.

The Forum
The Forum is your space to express opinions and ask questions. Exchanging, helping and humour are the Itlandians’ main values. Through the messages published every day, one exchanges tips, humours, rendezvous, and even poems! Finally discover the "Banjakoktails", evening festivities where players can meet one another.

Music: exclusive titles to collect in the course of the episodes in your jukebox, and exceptional events: concerts on Itland’s beach with guest-stars! Cinema: the Patchouli cinema proposes a varied program of serials and short films, the entry ticket costs 5 patchollars! Publications: books and magazines to consult so as to learn more: The Itland News (official newspaper), the Botanika (book of plants), the Zootika (book of animals) etc...

The dialogues
All of the dialogues are illustrated by a logical icons system. Each conversation is accompanied by a sub-title made up of small animations. Rest assured, a lexicon is available by clicking on the ‘?’ button during the dialogues, or in the console. Example: The Paperboy sets a meeting the next day on the beach.

The console
The game console is designed to simplify your life as a player. It allows quickly accessing all of the game’s functions. Exit: to definitely exit the game (automatic saving) Save: to record the course you have covered and the actions undertaken. Quality: to select the definition of animations: high, medium and low.


The map
(Keyboard shortcut: the J key) It is a "jump-map" for it allows direct access to important locations: when an arrow appears above an area it means that you can click to go there directly. (You must first have discovered it on the isle)

The inventory
(Keyboard shortcut: the I key) It counts the objects in your possession: Pots of honey, patchollars and other unusual objects.

The scores
(Keyboard shortcut: the S key) The scores boards allow consulting the scores of players for each game. Optionally: sending messages to the best players and directly accessing games. You can also consult the BanjaStars list.

The help
You will find the solution to all your problems by clicking on one of the help items accessible in the console.

The passport
Here you find your whole profile (pseudo, plant password, email address) as you recorded it at your inscription.

The agenda
This mark allows consulting the progress of the episode and the dates of great events.










The old people

The new generation

The Patchouli family

The magic people