The FumFums
The isle's first inhabitants are a very pleasant and peaceful folk who communicate through a unique language. Naturally reserved and measured in their ways, the Fums Fums are also remarkable by their extreme slowness… They are kindly toward the new generation of Itlanders, and let them profit by their wisdom and their knowledge, curious to see how the humans will evolve. For practically nothing is left of their ancient civilisation… only some ten Fums Fums have survived the dramatic catastrophe that put an end to their reign. Guilt has led them to seek refuge in an obscure part of the isle, but they sometimes come back to observe the village to see if they do not risk committing the same errors.
The Gulls
Employed by one and all to carry out all of the isle's works, this tribe of small hard-working beings has the specificity of possessing a group consciousness. Each Gulls is in tune with the others by a telepathic connection that immediately shares all information throughout the whole group. Work capacities are thus multiplied and their performances are extraordinary… At the origin the Gulls were with the Fums Fums the only occupants of the isle. They lived in perfect reciprocity, their unique occupation being that of affectionately scratching the backs of the Fums Fums.

A mythical character of Itland. Witness of all the events that have marked the isle's evolution, since the Fums Fums era up to the "miraculous" rescue of the Kap's ship, the whale has great secrets to reveal to those who know how to communicate with it. But only the FisherMan has the capacity to talk to it… as well as the Fums Fums!

A little round pig, quick and excited who likes to run, and physical exercise. Most of the Itlanders find his whim to wear clothes a bit ridiculous. But he is still very likeable; one cannot bear a grudge against him for so little. But most of all no one would want to eat some Poug in Itland! Poor Poug, ever since the butcher has an eye on him he has to be cunning every day to save his life…
Is a very clever, sweet and playful bee ! She especially likes the dart game. Pyu has a little weakness for our chubby rasta around whom she keeps fluttering... Elle aime particulièrement les fléchettes. So she does everything to help Banja in his quest. She will give him many advices to understand Itland.









The old people

The new generation

The Patchouli familu

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