The town hall-ship : a listed historic monument, it is one of the isle’s oldest buildings. A magnificent vessel with imposing volumes, it offers a wonderful perspective on the open sea.
The village place : with its fountain dating back to antiquity and its picturesque architecture in traditional elliptic layout, the passage is a must for visitors. During episode 7 a bio market will settle there.
The house of Banja : A very good example of a typically modern structure showing the architectural know-how of builders of the second generation.
In his home sweet home Banja keep his books, newspapers, and records that he collects. He also stores his honey pots and other goods.
The Patchouli cinema : It will be inaugurated during the 5th episode. A genuine technological performance, the cinema is a modern masterpiece that we owe to the relentless work of the Gulls.
The variety of the fauna
Itland animals have evolved along the centuries but often they still have a prehistoric appearance.
The pacific customs of the inhabitants have preserved all those creatures who multiply in complete liberty. But just outside the village it is the reign of the wild life, even if no dangerous beast has ever been encountered. On the course of your discoveries, you will complete the animal book where you collect all their images : Zootika

A luxuriant vegetation
Itland flora is the heaven of botanists with a incredible diversity of species not belonging to any known family. One of the most common variety : the milk plant (Lactus Vivendi) requires daily cares, but its growth brings comfort and can be sometimes very useful. The vegetal patrimony of Itland is so rich that it was necessary to release a reference encyclopaedia : Botanika











The old people

The new generation

The Patchouli family

The magic people