Long ago… on an isle in the shape of a spiral i located on the border of our dimension, lived a peaceful tribe known in the legend of Itland under the name of fums fums. These intelligent and gentle beings lived in harmony in this microcosm both strange and beautiful. They taught the respect of their environment and its natural treasures. They knew all the secrets of animals, of plants and controlled the elements so well that they developed exceptional powers, a unique mode of communication with the world of animals and plants. When they had reached the height of their reign, the destiny of the Fums Fums had a tragic fate: one of them abused of the power of their magic and unleashed the anger of the elements. The rare survivors still there after the mythical catastrophe took refuge in the depths of the isle…

Decades passed… suddenly a privateer ship became stranded on the isle's coast, at the end of a terrible storm during which the ship was propelled on the top of a cliff by a large tidal wave. The captain and his crew miraculously escaped death.

Charmed by the isle's beauty, they settled there with no regrets, and built houses as they would have built boats, drawing their inspiration from their ship's architecture. The latter was converted into the town hall and the Kap became burgomaster through force of circumstance.

A few years and a few shipwrecks later, the village grows bigger with the new generation of Itlanders. When Banja arrives in Itland, he finds a small well-organised community and an art of living with which he complies without problem.

In spite of a sulphurous past in the show biz, Banja easily gets accustomed with the peaceful manners of the Itlanders, and immediately goes off to discover this mysterious world. Thanks to his jovial and generous character he easily makes friends with the habitants and often helps them. For he has invested himself with a mission: preserving at any price the peacefulness and the beauty of this little paradise.










The old people

The new generation

The Patchouli family

The magic people