Don Patchouli
Don Patchouli (father)
Of Italian lineage, always with good taste and very learned, he adores politics and human relations. Both dominating and smooth talker, he knows and appreciates the privileges of power… Fine strategist, he dissimulates his ambitions but there is no doubt that he did not come to Itland with his family on a simple holiday, for he has great plans for the peninsula…

Wampa (daughter)
She is beautiful, educated; she has class and is witty… The type of girl that does not leave men indifferent, even the Itlanders! Her arrival on the isle might cause a stir… and competition for Zelia! Miss Patchouli also likes dancing at night in the clubs. Her often provocative and subversive attitude shows that she is not afraid of scandal; she thus represents a real menace for Itland's right-thinking moralists.
Rico (son)
The Itlanders find the young Patchouli boy decidedly badly brought up. His manners are a bit off-handed with the girls, he spits in the street, he has no respect for people and especially he speaks badly to old people and notables of Itland. He is particularly abominable with the Barman, who has become his laughing stock. He torments him without stop to obtain free drinks. For his favourite pastimes are drinking and merrymaking!









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