He is the first human to have discovered the isle, in a somewhat involuntary manner however... During a terrible storm the Kap's privateer ship was stranded on one of the isle's cliffs, his passengers were mysteriously propelled on the shore by an unknown force from the sea… Eminent navigator and keen fighter, the Kap has sailed the oceans all his life and still does not understand how his ship did not sink that night… The memories related to that event are still hazy; he remembers an intense combat against the elements, and a gigantic wave and the atrocious pain when he lost a leg… Today his age, his experience and his personal magnetism have made of him a cautious mayor and no one would dare contest his management of the isle… Some nights with his elbows on the bar, he nevertheless gives way to melancholy with his old friend the barman.

Le Barman
A long time friend of Kap, he has become his devoted confident. Faithful to his job he is kind and servable, and always available to listen and comfort the isle's inhabitants. His palm tree bar on the village square is Itland's unavoidable location. He is with the old timers the best-informed person: the gossip, everyone's sidelights on history… nothing escapes him. He is the isle's living library! The barman is very talkative but he has a secret load that weighs on his conscience…
Tom FisherMan
He is rough and hard working, and prefers the solitude of the open sea to the agitation in the village. He has a perfect knowledge of the sea around Itland, and some of the isle's inhabitants believe that he is hiding things. The rumours are running around the bar… FisherMan would have discovered the secret of a submerged city in the depths of the sea… It seems that he learned about it talking with the Whale… Having lived so long with the fish it seems he developed a capacity to communicate by thought with the most developed marine mammals!

Chut, the old Itland lady
Very discreet and always in a hurry, she has a tendency to avoid crowds to take refuge in her comfortable little lodging. Where she finds her old photos and her souvenirs… However time has not made her ill tempered and she regards with a tender and knowing look the isle's young people play around and sow their wild oats. For those who knew her in the past know that she too was very forward…

Boon, the gardener
His knowledge of Itland plants is amazing. He is the author of the encyclopaedia of Itland flora : Botanika. His science of nature will be very useful to Banja. His quiet and peaceful mood makes him ignore the rumours and gossip that the Itlandes are so keen on, he is always full of "Zenitude".

Popol, the butcher
He likes his work and wishes to do it at best. He is sometimes even too zealous… notably by relentlessly pursuing all of the isle's pigs and especially Poug that confounded pig who even comes to have a few drinks at the bar on the square. One day he will get him!

Formerly bouncer in a trendy New York discotheque, he owes a lot to Kap. The latter helped him to flee a sordid affair. Since then Phat is Kap's faithful servant and is entirely devoted to him. During their legendary shipwreck he saved the Kap from drowning. Phat is certainly someone very nice inside but he has an extremely suspicious nature and does not beat around the bush to make him be understood… There is nothing better than a good right uppercut to get the message through!

Moe & Gus
These old folks are still very lively, they play balls and gossip all day long ! In fact petanque is just an alibi to just sit around and bathe in the sun on the village centre place, chatting and observing passers-by with many ironical comments and stupid jokes... Faced with the constant mockery of the village kids, they have taken up the challenge and got involved in a mad soccer competition where they are far from ridiculous...
He is there to warn everyone in case someone was coming to Itland! He very rarely comes down from his mast and seeing the number of boats that pass at large of Itland one wonders if he does not take to drinking for he has a certain tendency toward the Kap's whisky bottles! At least up there no one comes to annoy him!









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